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What's in 10.9.5?
I see that version 10.9.5 is available. Is there someplace to see what's changed since 10.9.4?
(06-02-2012, 09:51 PM)omv0 Wrote: I see that version 10.9.5 is available. Is there someplace to see what's changed since 10.9.4?

I have raised a support call about this because it happens every time and nobody seems to respond to these forums these days.

If I get a reply I will post up on here
Here is the conversation I have had with support:

I have just read that Portrait Professional is now up to version 10.9 yet as with previous releases (every time) we are never given details about what has changed between versions. Clearly something has changed or there wouldn't be a reason to upgrade and every time people ask about version info on the forums but they very rarely get a response. When other software is upgraded the first thing that is posted up are release notes, why can't it be the same for PP?
That and the complete silence about version 11 is very frustrating.
If you have a response please can you put it up on the announcements as well as in a reply here because I know lots of other people also want to know whats changed.
Thank You


Hi Darren

Updates are within the same Version, for example from version 10.8.2 to 10.9.0. These updates are released when we make minor changes to the software so we do not advertise these to our customers.

When a completely new version is released, for example from version 10.9.0 to 11.1.0 then this classed as a 'Version Upgrade'. This is when major changes to the software have been made and when we usually publish release notes.

I am sorry if you are frustrated about the lack of information about the release of version 11, but I am afraid we do not have any further details about version 11 available at the moment.

Warm regards,

My response:

Hi I know about software versions as I create software packages myself and have done a course on version information.

Generally, as you say, the first number is a major version number indicating significant changes.

The second number is medium changes normally noticeable changes to the front end or similar (Not in all cases though)

The third number is normally minor changes, such as bug fixes

The fact that it has jumped from 10.8.2 to 10.9.0 suggests more than just bug fixes otherwise it would have been 10.8.3 for example

Nonetheless, and as I have mentioned before, it would really help if under announcements there is something mentioned regarding the version change even if it is merely a note stating 'Minor bug fixes' that way you won't get people asking what the differences are.

Also after people asking for update information the Admins have relented and given information and if you look at this link - http://www.portraitprofessional.com/Foru...hp?tid=984
It contradicts what you are telling me (not blaming you by the way as I am sure its what you have been told).
Seeing as this was a 'minor' change from 10.1.3 to 10.1.6 it shows 12 different changes
Also the change from 10.1 to 10.1 shows a similar number of changes

So to me it seems like somebody is not giving out enough information to their loyal customers.

The same goes for the lack of updates regarding ver 11

Like I say, I know its not your fault and I really appreciate your quick response but if you could feed this information back to the 'powers that be' I would be very grateful



No reply as yet but it seems like the support staff are not being kept in the loop either.

I do not blame the support people as they replied quickly but I am still not happy with the lack of info.

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