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Version 11
(11-13-2012, 02:32 PM)cimpp Wrote: What I can state with complete accuracy is that PP 11 does not work and there are many users that are very dissatisfied and mad, as I am, regarding how bad this program is.

I have complained about the lack of updates regarding PP11 but now it is out it works for me, there are some niggles that need to be ironed out, but generally it seems pretty good.

So I cannot see how you can state with complete accuracy that PP 11 does not work? Maybe you should re-word it to say it doesn't work for you.

If it just didn't work there would be a lot more posts on here regarding that and, trust me, I would be complaining big time.

I raised a support ticket because it wouldn't detect profile faces and they replied offering to put me back to Ver 10 until it was resolved, but for that minor inconvenience compared to the better algorithams in PP 11 I was happy to stick with PP 11

Have you tried an unistall and re-install of the software?
(11-14-2012, 03:28 PM)cimpp Wrote: I have received numerous responses from the people at PP stating that they have addressed these problems are surely working on correcting them. They also stated that they will be, then, releasing a new version with all these "bugs" totally fixed.

I did download and reinstalled the program numerous times and it remained with the same problems.

Your minor problem of face detection does not compare to mine, there are many. Had it been my sole problem they would have not started to work on fixing anything that is not broken. They confirmed that my problems were not solely happening to me and in their message they stated that they "have taken my complains very seriously and that a new version will be released, in a few days, with all these problems resolved".

Maybe the shy users that whispered their complaints will be thankful that there was a very insistent complainer.

I stated that my Nikon D800 has 36.3 megs when the RAW format is opened. When opened as TIFF the files increase to different sizes but mostly at around 130 megs or larger. I have not tried with my other camera a Hasselblad HD4 50 at 50 megs in RAW. This format is sent to more skilled retouchers than I so I have not tested it.

My complain is that it does not work as it was stated by Portrait Professional. This is like pregnancy, a woman is pregnant or she is not, not a little bit or a lot, but pregnant at all stages. Portrait Professional does not work for me as I need it and as it was claimed to be by PP. There are many, many others that have complained, as I have but not as constantly.

The people at PP are working hard at fixing these problems and I am satisfied that I did complain as I did. I am sure that it will be a great, wonderful program once it is corrected.

Honestly, what is or are the cameras that you work with? I am very interested in finding out why you are so successful with it.

Thank you for your reply.

I use a Canon EOS 7D and my normal workflow is to import the image from Lightroom 4 into Photoshop CS6, do tweaks such as fixing background etc then run the PP plugin to work on the face.

I then return it back to Photoshop as save as JPG

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