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cannot activate, no token.... difficult process to purchase!
1. I attempted to purchase via my Visa card
1a. I tried three times, making sure all information was correct
1b. The system rejected it
1c. I got a call from my bank. They said that they got a warning about my Visa card use. They then verified I was using the correct information, and that the purchase was being blocked by Anthropics.

2. I set up my paypal account.
2a. I continued the purchase via the paypal account.
2b. PayPal sent the money (I have the receipt)
2c. The PortraiProfessional was downloaded, and installed.

3. I did not get a "Token" to activate the software with.
3a. I went to the support page.
3b. It said to put in my email, and it would send me my token.
3c. Instead it said I had not account and did not purchase the software.

4. I called the contact phone number.
4a. I talked to a voice mail, and left my messages.
4b. The voice mail told me to use the support page.

5. I have looked and looked for a solution.
5a. I have sent emails.
5b. I have no response back from them

6. I am not sure this is such a great company if they have such poor support system(s) in place.
6a. If between now and the time I get this "fixed" by them... If, I say, I find another comparable product... I will have paypal get my money back, cancel this order and go with the other....

waiting...... that which I really don't have time to do... hence the reason for the purchase via the internet.

Does anyone have a solution, or suggestion other then the one I just gave?

thank you

Support said that it should have been in an email to me. It wasn't. And there was no email in the SPAM.
Support did send me the token. They also said they checked to be sure it would work before sending it to me.
So... I still think the purchase and installation was more trouble than necessary, but I have activated the software.

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