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Saving Photos - Mac
I have been trying to save my photos from Portrait Professional to my Macbook Pro. When I click on Save As...I do not get the option in the drop down list to where I want to save the photo. i.e. in iPhoto in a January 2012 folder, for instance. I'm not sure how to save them after I have edited them. Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks.
sort but glad to hear someone else is having the same issue can't wait for an answer from someone i did save as and also just save but don't know where the heh they went
Anybody ever get an answer to this? I'm having the same issue.

Can you please send us a screenshot of the issue? You can do this on Mac by pressing CMD+SHIFT+4 then highlighting the window and pressing space. Then click on the window after the pointer turn into a camera and the screenshot will automatically be saved onto your desktop. If you could send that to support1234@anthropics.com and mark it for Arjun, I'll immediately take a look and find a resolution.

Normally there's a small arrow next to where you enter the name you would like to save the file as which will expand the save window so that you can navigate to a chosen window. Is this not there either?


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