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PP V8.1 release note
PP V8.1 is now available. Where can I find the release note to see the updates ?
I've posted the release notes for Version 8.1 here.

Can 8.1 be installed over 8.0.7 or does 8.0.7 have to be uninstalled first ?
You don't have to uninstall the old version.

I've installed 8.1 over 8.0.7 and it's reverted to Demo mode. Is this what's supposed to happen ?
Breno sent me a link for the non-demo version and my activation token, however, after installation it didn't need activation, unlike all previous versions.
Just to clear this up: There isn't a demo mode and a non-demo mode of the same application as such, rather two different applications. The demo application can be freely downloaded from the website and the paid for version that you can get either through buying or by using the check for updates command from the help menu. It sounds like you downloaded the demo version. Does that make it clearer?

While I was running the v8.0.7 and used the Check For Updates function, the version which downloaded ran as a Demo until I got the non-demo link from Breno. Do you wish to comment about the fact I didn't need to use my Token to activate 8.1.3 ?
We've got a new security system in v8, which doesn't need reactivating for minor upgrades.


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