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Changes Head Shape
Have v10.5.1 and am a brand new user. I like the results of the skin treatment, but when going thru all the steps (eyes, nose, mouth, etc.) it results in at least some change in the shape of the model's face, mouth, position of the eyes, among others, which I don't want. This is especially prevalent when the model's face is turned to one side or the other but less than in profile. I tried using "Enhance Skin Only" but the skin selection tool skips areas and results in spotty skin treatment.

What tricks can I use to have the program select the skin areas but not change the shape of the face and lips, placement of the eyes, etc.?



I changed the title to "Changes Head Shape" because that's what it actually does. It changes the shape of the model's whole head by making it shorter and wider, therefore rounder. Also, the change doesn't happen until just as the picture is saved and you're returned to Photoshop or the file is saved. The change is identical in both the stand alone and plugin versions.

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