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Installation/subsequent problems
I recently bought PP v10 after looking at the trial version and think it is a great programme.  However I have experienced problems similar to those reported by other users.
Initial installation was OK but when subsequently attempting to open the programme the dialogue box requesting TOKEN entry appeared, token was entred but rejected due to previous use. A support ticket was opened and got a speedy response advising to uninstall the trial version and reinstall the full version. Subsequently had further intermittent problems, downloaded again also downloaded "fingerprint tester programme. After further intermittent problems sent fingerprint text file to support who have now requested further runs of the fingerprint tester, not sent yet.
Problems appear in one of three ways
1. Token requested then rejected due to previous use.
2. A Windows pop-up appears saying PP has stopped working.
3. Programme opens then at image selection stage as in 2 above.

Is this similar to other users problems?
What does the fingerprint tester check? I have made no changes to my system.
What is the solution to the problem?

Re-booting the computer usually helps in that after the re-boot PP opens OK.

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