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Extending skin area made easier ..

when you manually extend (or reduce) the skin area you are working with the brush and the detector inside it.

Sometimes it happens that the detector is too large for small areas - so it would touch "non skin".
You can either change the detector size and then move into that area  - or the easier way is to keep the alt-key pressed while going into the area. This moves the brush - but the detector stays in place - this nearly works all the time as long as your brush does not move away too much from the detector.

Guess this might be documented somewhere - but I just found out about it because it was mentioned in the tutorial for SmartPhotoEditor (where you need to press the shift key to achieve the same).

When holding down the shift key, while extending skin area, you can pan around in PP ... helpful as well.

Best regards - MacSass
Thanks for the tip.

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