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Reinstall after changing internet sevice provider
I changed to a new internet service provider and also got a new Email address. PLEASE help me to regain my portrait professional.   I can't operate without it.
   Can anyone offer me any suggestions? I've written to the portrait pro help people and also to the administrator, with no results whatsoever. Thank you
Sorry to hear that you have been having trouble contacting us. If you send a message to support@portraitprofessional.com, you should receive an automatic reply which contains some general help, plus the email address you need to use for a personal reply (support one two three four at anthropics dot com). We had to put this in place due to the volume of spam we get on the publicized email address.

As you no longer have access to your old email address so you can’t use the license manager to reinstall Portrait Professional. If you let me know what your old email address was, I can provide you with the link that you would have been emailed.


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