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Missing controls when "Mouth Closed"
When working on a "mouth closed" image, the entire "Mouth" set of controls is missing in the final adjustment session. That control set contains 2 "teeth" controls and 4 "lip" controls. While it makes sense for the "teeth" controls to be unavailable, the lip controls should still be accessible.



I agree, this would make sense.

Just doing it as an open mouth for now allows you to have the missing controls. Overlay the top and bottom lip lines carefully though.

My old eyes can't see any difference no matter where you set the teeth whiten and area sliders if there is no 'white' for them to affect. That is regardless of where you set the lip points (I've tried it with some really exagerated shapes).
Regards, Fred

Progress has little to do with speed,
but much to do with direction
We are actually getting rid of the mouth open/close toggle in the next version as in some circumstances it can cause the face sculpting to work less well. You will find just putting the top and the bottom lines together fixes all these problems. You don't actually have to be that careful about overlaying them as the software automatically deals with imprecise mark-up.

Just upgraded to 11.3.4 (Mac). I have an open mouth portrait and I'm not seeing the teeth options.

Open/closed mouth does not seem to be an option even though there is a preference selected for "Ask If Mouth Closed When Adjusting Mouth Outline."

How do I get the teeth controls?
Hi Jeff,

If you drag single lip line down it will split into a top and bottom lip line. You can then use this to mark up the lips individually.

This should give access to the teeth sliders.


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