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Scrolling problems, teeth brightening,etc
Hi everyone!
I am working using a Mac OS 10.6.6 and I notice that sometimes, after I make an alteration using a slider, I go to move to the next slider and seconds later, my scrolling seems to have affected a previous function.

I notice this most when I suddenly see the whole mouth area brighten up, to the point that the subject appears to be wearing a white mouth guard. the "undo" function (neither key command or manual) works to undo this, I literally have to go to the settings where I can adjust the teeth brightening/whitening and reset them. This is especially bizarre, because this happens when I haven't even tried to adjust or alter anything pertaining to the teeth or mouth.

Am I just missing something, or is this a glitch, or what? Other than that, i think the program is great...... I'm just having a hard time finding files that are large enough to actually work with, as most photos nowadays come from a cell phone and are of crappy quality!

Hi Meghan,

Are you using a tablet?

Warm regards,
Anthropics Technology

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