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User's hints and tips
FredSpencer Wrote:I am a new user of PP and would be interested to hear any hints or tips other more experienced users might have. If this is the sort of thing others would also like can I suggest that a User's Hints and Tips forum be set up. This would help any newbies just starting out but could also benefit more experienced users.

My initial findings would suggest that rather than have the skin imperfection slider set at 100, as it is everytime it comes back from the server, if I set it at 0 and then do adjustments (particularly with the touch up brush) I can use this particular slider as a final blender. So far this method seems to give me a better finish than any other way I have tried. Has anyone else found this to be the case?

Thanks in advance to anyone who shares their knowledge.
Fred I set everything back to O before I start working on a image. This I found out the hard way!

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User's hints and tips - FredSpencer - 04-11-2007, 05:40 PM
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