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What is the slider logic?
Newbie here, just a couple hours on V17. First Question.

Can somebody explain the slider logic, it's unlike any other program and baffles me.

In any section, I set a "Master Fade" amount, then move to the sub-sliders. When I adjust a sub-slider, the Master Fade slider moves. If I go back and adjust Master Fade, the sub-sliders move. When I adjust Sub-sliders that have positive and negative values, the Master Fade goes up for both positive and negative adjustments. If I move a sub-slider to zero, Master Fade goes down, then if I move Master Fade back up, the zero sub-slider comes off zero.

I've played with it a lot, looking for logic. Can't find any.

Also, FWIW, I installed V17 on Windows 10 with Photoshop CC 2018 plugin. No problems seen. No crashes, no color management issues I saw reported elsewhere. Handles sRGB, Adobe98, and ProPhoto OK, 16 bit or 8 bit. 16 bit is slower, but no so much to be a problem.
I found one slider combo that has to be a bug, makes me wonder if the other "connections" are bugs to. Are adjustments to sub-sliders supposed to cause adjustment of the "Master Fade"?

The bug? Under "Skin Color" there is a drop down box for "Style" (?). Options like "Baby Skin", "Healthy Glow", etc. Pick one and set it to zero. Then just left-click on "Correct Outside Face" or "Brightness Contrast" and the "Style" slider immediately jumps up to 75! But, set the "Style" to 1, and then adjust "Correct Outside Face" or "Brightness Contrast" and nothing happens to "Style". Stays at 1. Nothing happens to the other 2 either. Temp, Tint and Tan still work with Style set to 1, but not the other 2. Confusing.

Also, if you set all the Lighting sliders to zero and attempt to adjust just Color, you still get a little Lighting adjustment. It's subtle, but visible. So, is it impossible to adjust Skin Color without a Lighting change?
After using PP since Version 3 (I think), I have become quite used to the Master Fade thingy. Although the logic behind it is not clear to me but I think what PP tried to do is to adjust by proportion the other entities below it which should make the outcome of the overall image good. Hence, if you move the sub-slider to the left or right, it recalculate the new value of the master slider.

PP has built-in AI which determine the "ideal" amount of adjustment for each sub-slider. I always use the master slider to do a quick adjustment and then use the sub-slider for fine tuning.

Hope that the above wont make you more confused.

I hope the developer can correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks for the feedback. At least I know it's not a bug. And I'm getting used to it.

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