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PP 10 Studio  Error message Image too large  Cannot save
I started to open a problem ticket, when I decided to look in the Forum.  I checked the Support area first and I was extremely disappointed with the Support part of the web site.

So let's establish a few points first:

1. I am a newbie to Portrait Professional.  I just downloaded 10.1's TRIAL.  Haven't even considered a license yet, just wanted to see what it could do.  Hmm...glad I haven't laid out any duckets yet...

2. I am posting to the forum in Annie C's defense.  I may not have the worlds most expensive computer, but it aint cheap either.  Never had a memory problem, until now.  It is an HP M7767 (Media PC), with an Intel Dual Core 6600 at 2.4 Ghz.

3.  With my normal load (stuff that runs in the background, but no open programs) I am consuming 1024Mb.  I have 4Gb installed.  And I am running Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit), so even Win7 doesn't even recognize all 4 Gig.  (According to Win7, only 3.25 Gig is recognizable.)

4. Load PP 10.1 and my ram usage does not effectively change.  So far so good.  Here are where things go south...

I try to load a 18.5 Mb .jpg.  Kerboom...doesn't even open up in PP 10.

Then I tried to load a 10.2 Mb .jpg.  Kerboom....doesn't even open up in PP 10.

So, let's cut the file size in half again, a 5.1 Mb .jpg.  Oops, it loaded.  I'll be d...

Let's click next.  Got the left eye pinned.  Click next, got the right eye pinned.  Then the nose.  Wow, this thing works (almost)...

(Cutting out all the middle stuff...) and just hit enhance....Kerboom, out of memory error (again).

I shoot with a Nikon D80.  Not an expensive (by today's standard) camera.  But it works for me.  And I would really like to be able to enhance some of my friends photos.

Annie C has a problem.  I have a problem.  PP 10.1 isn't cutting it.  And the duckets are staying put in my pocket.

[For what it is worth, before hitting Post, I loaded a 1.4Mb .jpg and tried that.  Ooo, I got a finished product with a big fat "TRIAL".  I know, its the trial version.  That's not the point.  PP 10.1 actually managed to enhance a 1.4 Mb .jpg!]

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