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PP 10 Studio  Error message Image too large  Cannot save
Ok latest update, things worked fine for a couple of pics, as I do automotive photography also I didnt use it for a short while, now getting errors again.  Saved file, only minor changes, no skin smothing nothing, now although its saved i cant open it again in anything other than PP????? Error again now coming up cant open not enough RAM, now if it can open in PP, why cant CS5 open it??? if someone can explain that to me I'd be much appreciated! its not a large file by any streach of the imagination 60MB
I've just done a major fashion shoot and really would have loved to use it......

Now getting fed up as every time I want to use this program its giving me grief!!!!!!!!
Love how it works WHEN IT WORKS really cant be doing with sorting out 'clitches' everytime I want to use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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RE: PP 10 Studio  Error message Image too large  Cannot save - Annie C - 04-04-2011, 03:10 PM

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