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There is no category for this issue
This is more of a customer service issue and so I do not know where to put it!
I have (had-pc crashed and burned) pp4. After my pc crashed and I had to replace it I went with a mac.

Last week I decided to upgrade to the pp studio and purchased it. I then found out that I needed my previous key to deactivate the pc version, download and reinstall the mac version before i could install the upgrade. Now this is not a big deal except for the fact that we changed our IP service provider and the email with which I purchased pp4 no longer exists and I could not retrieve the key that the company sends to the email.

I sent a support ticket addressing that issue. No reply. I then realized that I probably needed to document that I was who I was claiming to be and additionally sent the paypal account info for the pp4 purchase, the old email info as well as the new email info.

To my surprise, I received an email from a customer service representative not addressing the multiple issues but it did include a new key but only for the upgrade to pp9 (which I already had but could not use.) The email however admonished me for sending multiple tickets regarding an issue.
I gathered all the info again and sent it once more in a clear step-by-step format to demonstrate the problem as it is not singular. It was a holiday weekend here in the states so I figured I would wait and give it another day. Nothing again today. I have sent another ticket stating again the situation and hope to here from someone as I have many sessions for which I wanted to apply the studio application.
I left a message on an answering machine which the website lists as the U.S. contact number. The message on the machine states we can not help with software issues and one must submit a ticket for service via the website. I am frustrated and really wish I never bought either program at this point.

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There is no category for this issue - spharris - 06-02-2010, 08:33 PM

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