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Using Portrait Pro as an External Editor for Apple Photos
First of all, I am aware of the existence of Lightroom, Aperture, Darktable, CaptureOne Pro, Aftershot, and a bunch of other options.  I choose Photos for my own reasons.

Now, if you use Apple Photos and would like to use Portrait Pro as an editor, but have the results in Photos synced to your phone, tablet, and so on.  This is how it can be done.  It will cost you about $1 USD.

You Need External Editors for photos.  http(s)://itunes(.)apple(.)com/us/app/external-editors-for-photos/id1074021862?mt=12
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Now when you click Edit, the bottom entry says extensions.  Click on More.
Here, add the External Editors Extension.  If you own Affinity Photo or Pixelmatr, you can add the extensions that came with them also.

Now, when you select External editor, you can choose from every pixel pusher you might ever want to edit photos with, including Portrait Professional, Landscape Professional, and the new Body Professional.

When you go to save in that editor, it creates a .jpg that it can re-import into Photos automatically.  If you edit a RAW photo, in Affinity, for example, you see the updated version (in .jpg) after saving.  Basically, you have both images in Photos, and you are looking at the .jpg.  You can swap and view the RAW, but it will not have whatever magic you worked in the editor.

Now the snag.  Portrait Professional doesn't work.  You save, but nothing happens.  You use all the words your mother wouldn't let you say when you were young.

Portrait Pro adds and "_pp" to the file name when saving an edited image by default.  In the save dialog, simply click on the filename and remove that so your image is named something like D750_9789.JPG in some folder that looks like utter gibberish.  DO NOT CHANGE THE LOCATION.  It warns of overwriting an existing file, say yes (but be sure you only changed that little bit).  

Now you have in your Photos library the D750_9789.NEF the original (if you shoot in RAW) and D750_9789.JPG the edited.  You can still go back to the original if you decide you do not like the update.  Now the photo on your phone, tablet, AppleTV, books, and so on, will be the glamorous version made possible by Portrait Professional.

Also, if you make some changes in Photos before using PPro, even using other external editors, those will be in the image you import into PPro.

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