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Performance issue in point adjustments

Is anyone else seeing a slight degradation (compared to V11) when adjusting the facial points in the side by side (before and after) panel? In V11 it was (and still is) instantaneous, in V12, no matter how I get to that side by side panel, I am seeing a slight delay (represented by the round B&W target symbol). I'm also seeing some delays when attempting to move the image around at times. Thoughts anyone? In V11 we were first presented with a solo screen to make adjustments to the "found" face before seeing the side by side panel. I can't seem to get to the single face adjustment panel.. regardless, in V11 even after that panel the side by side refinement were instant.. not the case in V12..

Jay S.

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Performance issue in point adjustments - Jay_S - 03-31-2014, 11:58 PM

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