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Upgrade Problem
I purchased an upgrade of PP Studio 12 from the studio 64 version of PP 11 and the "original" token for PP 11 that I enter to download V12 gets rejected as not a valid version upgrade. Is anyone else having this problem?

I've opened a support ticket and received one response telling me to pay more money for the Studio Max version. I don't want the Max version as I don't want or need the batch capabilities. I only want the Studio version. I've replied twice expressing this in the support ticket and have not received any additional reply.

This a terrible display of customer support. I've called the 800 number as well and have not received a response. I'm still waiting to be able to download and use this product. I've been a happy user of PP since version 8 in 2008 but this treatment is not good at all.

I hope others are not receiving similarly poor customer service.

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