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New catchlights for eyes
(01-06-2014, 10:39 PM)MacSass Wrote: Hello,

some time ago I had placed a request in the "Feature request" section of the forum to have a catchlight with only one light, which from my point of view is missing in the set coming with PP.
See the orignal request here: http://www.portraitprofessional.com/Foru...p?tid=3314

Also I would have liked less bright solar panels and different sizes. As there was no feedback to my request I did some digging into the program folders and found that there was a fairly easy way to create new catchlights.

After some testing and refining I came up with a package of 19 different catchlights of different sizes and intensity. Those where partly taken from my own photos, partly I created them artificially in Photoshop (e.g. the octabox and ring flash).

I thought this might be interesting for others as well and so I wanted to make those available to everybody.

This is the original image, no catchlight - they eyes look a bit "dead":

[Image: 68990c7aa903.jpg]

Here are some samples of the new catchlights in my pack:

Sample of a catchlight created by an octabox:

[Image: 24d4e432b610.jpg]

As PP currently does not offer to modify the intensity of catchlight, I have included weaker and stronger versions of each shape:

[Image: eaf102bf4019.jpg]

As PP does not offer a method to change the size of catchlights currently, I also included different sizes:

[Image: 61bf7654af92.jpg] [Image: 54eb146ec801.jpg]

Here is a catchlight example created by a ring flash, which some people seem to like:

[Image: d2665137b46c.jpg]

And an example of my "two strip lights" catchlight:

[Image: c5df8823fdeb.jpg]

In order to have those new catchlights available in your PP installation, all you have to do is to extract the files from the folder "catchlights" in the ZIP package below to the folder "catchlights" in your PP installation folder (e.g. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Portrait Professional Studio 11\CatchLights").
After a restart of PP the new catchlights will be available in the "eyes" section where you also find the default catchlights.

You can move them around to the correct position on the eye with the respective sliders at the bottom of the "eyes" section within PP.

I made those avaible for free for use in any of your images, no warranties included, though they work perfectly for me.

------ Download link removed ---- see new pack version 1.1 in my next response below!

In case there is interest, I might add more catchlights in the future, so feel to provide me your ideas and feedback.

Regards - "MacSass"

Very very impressive eye catch lights indeed.. Really love it.. Thanks for sharing all the details..

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