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clothes bleed onto skin
(11-26-2013, 04:01 PM)williamting Wrote: Hi Vincent,
What you need to do is to cut back on skin area (Keyboard shortcut D). Make sure that the clothes, esp, lighter coloured clothes are not detected as part of the skin.

Alternatively, use the cut back brush (short cut r) to clean up along the clothes edges.

I find it that PP is not 100% accurate when detecting skin or hair. I always go into the skin controls and make any changes along with clicking on the Refine Edges to make the minor adjustments. I do the same for Hair Controls since I noticed that it tends to select clothing too. I also use the touch up and Restore brushes to make other detail changes.

I have the screen set to view both Before and After changes. I set the zoom to either face or large enough to show the area that I've changed. By clicking on the Flip to Before button, I can see the changes. If I see changes being made to areas I don't want changed, I go back to either the skin or hair controls to make further changes.

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