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Portrait Professional 9 Colour Managed
I am having a severe color problem with PP 9.4.2 that was not present in previous versions. I have happily used it for hundreds of portraits but this new update has rendered it useless to me.

After mapping the key points the "before" and "after" images appear. It is obvious that the "after" image has made critical changes to the color.

Severe color shift PP image

This image shows the forehead only. Note that the top of the image shows a much different color than the rest of the face. (This was where I had indicated the skin area was so that the changes could be compared.)

I had made absolutely NO changes to the sliders. Please note that it still says "Revert to original image" and that the sensitivity for skin blemishes is set to "off".

The image colors in Photoshop CS4 (before touching PP 9.4.2) were

R  188
G  135
B  110

These values are what should appear in the "Before" image, but they don't!

After saving the image I used Photoshop CS4 and mapped the colors in the two different areas. The RGB numbers are as follows:

Before        After
R  208           210
G  144           169
B  118           129

This is absolutely wrong! There is no reasonable person who can justify the program making such terrible changes to the colors.

Admin -- I would love to hear any solution you can propose. The technical support team has not made any viable suggestions and told me to "use the skin hue slider" to correct the skin color. That is ridiculous!

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