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ProPhoto RGB Colour Space
Hi Emma,

to be honest I´m a bit suprised by your statement.

I have been discussing this with Arjun some time ago here in the forum (see http://www.portraitprofessional.com/Foru...t=prophoto )
and there Arjun stated that using ProPhoto should not cause any issues.

I have been using ProPhoto since then to send images from Lightroom to PP and so far I have not experienced any issues. I never found any shifted colors (beside the areas / changes having been modified by PP).

Can you please clarify that, as I think this is a really important fact.

Also - in case that ProPhoto really is not supported - that is something that should be added for the Studio versions urgently, as this is targeted at pro users, and I´m not willing to degrade my RAWs in order to be able to process them in PP.

Looking forward to your clarifcation - thanks -


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