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ProPhoto RGB Colour Space
I have two feature requests related to this subject.

1. ProPhoto RGB is Lightroom's default colour space. For those of us who use Lightroom and/or Photoshop and prefer to work in Lightroom's default colour space, having PortraitProfessional support ProPhoto RGB would enable better workflow integration, and would avoid unnecessary (and potentially quality degrading) colour space conversions.

2. PortraitProfessional should throw up a warning whenever a user attempts to edit an image that is not in a supported colour space! There are several lengthy threads in this forum where various users including me have complained about PortraitProfessional causing unexpected colour shifts. Since the cause is apparently use of unsupported colour spaces, having PortraitProfessional automatically check and flag unsupported colour spaces would avoid a lot of problems.

David A. Gilmour
Lumacraft Photography

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