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(07-04-2013, 03:08 AM)williamting Wrote:
(07-03-2013, 10:56 PM)Sharkdigger Wrote: Thank you for your response. The link you gave me, however, leads to this page where the upgrade is still 89.95$, and that is supposedly after a 50% discount.

Can you assist me on that first issue I wrote about, the initial softening effect which occurs automatically when a photo is imported into the program? This is not an ideal feature because it not only softens skin texture but unsharpens everything including hair and eyes which I would like to keep untouched.

You are actually upgrading from standard to Studio 64 which is meant for people who need speed, unlimited image size and some other "extras". I would suggest you do step wise upgrade, ie, to Studio 32, unless there are features in the 64-bit which you are interested in.

I am using Studio 64 and regarding the softening effect you mention, I am not sure whether our understanding is on the same wavelength. That is why I may not provide sensible response to your question. On my computer, there is no unsharpening noticed. In fact, I have never noticed unsharpening in all their versions since I started using this software since their V3. So perhaps, what you see is different from me. Can you post an example?

However, having said that, if I view b4 and after, I did notice that the colour is slightly different. When I open the image on Photoshop, I noticed the same kind of issue. I believe it has to do with colour management. I am also struggling with this issue even on my PS but I know that the colour profile chosen affect what you see on the screen. Studio 64 provides setting of colour management.

You haven"t noticed that after importing a photo, without changing anything, there is a softening effect that is noticeable especially on hair when you compare before and after using the enter button? Perhaps you have different default settings.
I"ll try to post a comparison.
As for the version since I have 64 bit Windows 7 I was naturally looking at Studio 64, but perhaps that is not necessary. However, until I resolve the softening issue I may not use this program at all.

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