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How many computers is the licence for?
(05-14-2013, 02:50 PM)mackemsrule Wrote: Hi purchased PP11 and have installed it onto my main PC, works great. I was in the process of installing it onto my laptop when it crashed just as it had finished, unfortunately It wouldn't restart and in the end I had to get some new memory and reinstall the O.S. so after i reinstalled win 7, i installed PP11 again but it says the token is already in use. So are you only allowed to install it onto 1 device, or can i get it onto my laptop. thanks

You will need to complete a service ticket at:

The EULA states that the software is for 1 computer. It is possible that once you submit your information, that an allowance could be made.

The software looks at a signature of the hardware, and if this has changed, will not allow a re-installation.

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