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Crashes & overwriting in 11.2.10
Hi wilddave11,

Apologies that you're being inconvenienced by these problems. I'll take a look and attempt to reproduce them in-house.

Can you tell me if all these issues are occurring when using Portrait Professional as a plugin to CS6? Unfortunately the add suffix to file name only functions when using PP as a standalone application, as the saving is handled by CS6. Can you tell me if the issue is also occurring during standalone use?

For the crash upon returning to CS6, if the issue is reproducible, can you please PM me the crash report?

This issue seems like it may be related to Saved Application States, so can you please try the following and tell us if the issue persists:

1. In the finder view, go to /Library/Saved Application State (To view the Library in the Finder view, hold the Alt/Option key).
2. Look for the folder with portraitprofessional in its name.
3. Delete the files in this folder. Do not delete the entire folder.
4. Then right click/Ctrl+Click the folder itself and select Get Info.
5. In the Get Info screen, change the settings locate at the bottom next to your login from Read & Write to Read Only.

Can you let us know if the issue remains? If it does, I'll prioritise finding the cause and hopefully a resolution.

Apologies again for the inconvenience.


Anthropics Technology Ltd.

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