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Two problems with the software has popped up?
Firstly, the hair problem: the only thing I can think of is that you have the opacity turned to 0. If that doesn't work, can you tell me: if you turn the mask off, but turn up the hair lightening slider, so you can see the mask easily, do either of the hair cut back or extend brushes make a difference anywhere in the picture?

Secondly, with the red eye function: The red eye check box is mainly for backwards compatibility, it darkens only the red channel, so if you have very bright 'red eyes' which actually contain some green, then the green will be all that is left. A more powerful function is to use the darken pupil slider instead, that affects all colour channels.

Finally, eye colour changes: To understand what is going on, you need to understand how it works. The eye colour changing can only play with what is there already, and it manipulates it in HSV space. If the iris is very dark, changing the hue won't make any difference because a very dark red is black, and a very dark blue is black also. Likewise a grey (unstaturated) red is grey and a unstaturated blue is grey. Try increasing the iris brightness first, then using the saturation slider. Is that perhaps what is happening?


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