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"HI!" New user - can't find "Enhance Skin Only" button
Thanks William,

Arjun, via "Support Ticket", sent this reply. Shall paste it here in case anyone else needs to overcome the problem:

"The Enhance Skin Only button will appear if you deactivate the Automatic Face
Finding. As the Enhance Skin Area does not require points to be marked up and
instead only requires the skin area to be selected, it will not appear if faces
are found automatically.

However, there is an issue where it won't appear if the user discards a face,
which is what you are experiencing. I've passed this onto our developers and
we'll hopefully resolve it in a upcoming update. Apologies for the
inconvenience and we hope this workaround is alright for now."


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RE: "HI!" New user - can't find "Enhance Skin Only" button - ChrisHarvey - 01-15-2013, 03:43 PM

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