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Version 11 not installing plugin for CS6 64
(10-29-2012, 04:04 PM)jzucker Wrote: Ran the plug in installation several times. First time I selected photoshop cs6 64 checkbox. Second time, I manually selected the plug-ins folder of the photoshop cs6 64 directory. In neither case did I get a plugin installed.

Please advise.


Where is the announcement about the new features for this version and why was I not notified? I had to read about it on dpreview.com

I have the same problem. After hours of trial and error, I took my chance, deleted all the earlier copies of PP, drop and drag the PP11 into the CS6 plugin folder and it worked, just like that. btw, I like PP11. It has a lot more abilities. I don't like the start up screen: too busy. May be one day, I will figure out how to clean that up. (just for in case: I am doing MBP i7 8G Mountain Lion)

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