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Mobile (Android, please)
Let me clarify,

Thanksgiving is coming up. During family gatherings, especially in restaurants, photos are taken. I would now choose, generally, to wait 'till I got home to polish up the photos for posting. A mobile Portrait Professional app would be a LOT more helpful than "Instagram" or even the mobile Photoshop. It could be stripped down some, with just some simple features. "Face Sculpting," and "eye widening" is important, because you can fix a few basic things. One doesn't need the entire toolbox. Also "red eye removal," "restore glasses shape" . . . those things.

I hope you're thinking about it. Anyone else want it for mobile? I have Android, but others may have IOS.


(10-19-2012, 06:40 AM)PrettyKid Wrote: Hi,

I'm new here. This is my first post. There is now a mobile version of Photoshop, that will be on the Galaxy Note II. Great idea! But what I really want, also, is a mobile version of your program.

Any chance of this? I don't want to lug a laptop across the country! It's okay if you don't, as I'll be happy with whatever I have available, but for Facebook, I'd like to give the portraits a little something. It''s just a little, but just enough. I mostly like the "neck" feature, because I had bad tonsils for 12 years, and it affected my neck. This way, it looks the way it ought to look! It's just a little thing, but worth it!

I love your program. It doesn't ALWAYS do what you want, but it's still fun and really does specific algorithms that Photoshop isn't made to do. I've learned that a little goes a long way, and also use Photoshop to "tone down" some of the sharpness, sometimes, and to airbrush, and this and that. But I may be on a trip soon, and wish I had a mobile version that could do a few quick things. The face sculpting is handy if you have one feature that bugs you, and it's my neck.

PrettyKid Smile


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