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v10.7 install pblms (upgrade from 10.6) Studio
The Installation routine still remains in need of improvement to correct bugs and more properly ensure an appropriate installation.

The Download of 10.7 Studio was saved to Hard drive w/o any errors. Running the installation .exe proceeded normally and didn't advise of any problems. I accepted PS plugin installer and to launch PP.

This is on a Win XP Pro SP3 system w/ plenty of drive and RAM and CPU capacity. 10.6 Studio was already installed on the system and I did not uninstall it first. I don't remember if uninstalling is a necessary prerequisite, but if it is, the installer should prompt to advise so or take care of doing so.

Installer removed the previous PP Desktop Icon and failed to generate a new one. The Installer also failed to populate the Program listing on the All Programs Start Menu. The item Portrait Professional Studio 10 item now reads: "Empty". There is no listing for Portrait Professional Studio 10 on the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs!

PP 10.7 launches fine, either directly, of from within PS. However,
when the step of placing the right mouth corner crosshair is clicked, the following error appears:

"Failed to load application data
ZFileException: Missing file K:\Portrait Professional Studio 10\data\femaleright.zb
Please try reinstalling the application"

Anthropics has got to do better with the installation procedure! This is not the first time I have encountered pblms with the Installer, and others have posted their installation problems on the Forums. This is way more cumbersome of an upgrade installation than with other programs! This will frustrate and deter customers, and is easy to prevent by using a more competent installation script.

Rerunning the installer .exe file didn't remedy the problem. Will now have to re-download to assure the download was good and remove the existing version 10.6 Studio manually and reinstall from scratch.

Will you guys please get this fixed already!!!!!!!!!!!!

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v10.7 install pblms (upgrade from 10.6) Studio - MusicLaw - 01-29-2012, 01:39 AM

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