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Error message when trying to open
(12-16-2011, 08:37 PM)Hal Brainerd Wrote: When I try to open Portrait Professional I get the following error message: Could not complete the Portrait Professional command because failed to write temporary tiff file: /var/tmp/PPfilt-1324062569-EB2Z.tiff

I don't know what to do, would appreciate any suggestions.
I did not realize only raw files could be opened. My error! I was trying to open a photoshop file.
Not sure whether you have solved this problem. You were opening the files from PS and you encountered this problem.
I have this problem a few times and I noticed that the problem is resolved if I reboot my PC or restart PS. The situation is worse if I hibernate my PC for many days.
You can also go to the tmp directory and clean out all the files.
By the way, you should not be limited to RAW files only. I have been opening JPG or TIFF files from PP itself or PS plugin.

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