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Unable to save PP settings in PShop Plugin
I got very accustomed to being able to save and revisit the "_pp" session files when running PP Studio v10 in stand alone mode. It is a great capability. Hopefully a similar ability with a corresponding file naming convention (i.e "_pe") will be built into Smart Photo Editor. Or perhaps, Anthropics may go with an .xmp method.

I have only just begun exploring LR3. Does anyone know if the same session file deficiency (as you have encountered when running PP as a Photoshop plugin) exist when running PP from Lightroom? Also what version(s) of Photoshop are you using? I understand that CS5 has a Smart Objects feature which is getting very high praise by many users of other plugins such as NIK Software, etc.). As I'm still new to Portrait Professional, and am awaiting my PS CS5 upgrade, I don't yet really know how or if PP may work with CS5's Smart Objects, and from what I currently understand such Smart Objects do not exist in LR3.

Throwing all the above out there for discussion....

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RE: Unable to save PP settings in PShop Plugin - MusicLaw - 11-26-2011, 08:13 PM

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