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Unable to save PP settings in PShop Plugin
I find it extremely annoying that the PShop plug-in version of PPro does not allow the user to save the session settings, the way one can when running PPro as a stand alone program.

Therefore, I tend not to use the plug-in version, because if I do, I cannot come back and make alterations without taking the time to make the face fitting selections and all of the other work in PPro all over again.

I don't see any logical reasons to have omitted the ability to save the settings for a session.

Perhaps Photoshop plug-ins are not allowed to save a file?

If it is doable, I think a lot of PPro users would be very happy to have that capability.



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Unable to save PP settings in PShop Plugin - Dan ST - 10-30-2011, 05:01 AM

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