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Changes Head Shape
(09-13-2011, 10:44 AM)Kat999 paid='7539 Wrote:You don't have to accept the default settings....you can simply take all slider back to zero if needed to choose themamount of change you want in any feature.....you can also Addmor subtract themareas of themskin you wish to have the effects applied to.

The sliders effect the skin treatment only and I don't have any problem with the skin treatment. I really like what the program does with the skin.

My problem is that the program changes the shape of the models whole head. Specifically, it makes the head shorter and wider, therefore making it rounder. And the change doesn't occur until you save the image and go back to Photoshop or save the file. I've tried it in both the stand alone program and the plugin. It makes the same change in both.

Thanks anyway.

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