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Altered hair color changes on image save
If I open an image, recolor the hair, then save a copy of the new image, the image is saved correctly but the hair color then changes to something different in the editor. It's somewhere between the original color and the one I change it to, as if some attribute of the hair color is being reset after a save.

To see the effect clearly, load an image of a brunette, change the hair color to the very lightest color hair (the first on the list). Turn the hair controls section off and back on with the green button a few times to note the areas of hair and skin that change color. Now, save the altered image. The hair color will revert back to the original color but there will be strong artifacts of the light color on the skin and hair even though the new color still shows selected in the hair recolor combo. Again, turn the hair controls section off and back on several times and note the areas that you did before. They change back and forth between the original color and this intermediate color (artifacts) rather than the selected color. To get that back you have to deselect and reselect the desired color.

Windows 7, PP 11.3.4

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