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When to Sharpen a RAW file - Mike - 03-08-2011

I just purchased Portrait Professional Studio and intend to use the plugin feature in Photoshop.  I work with a lot of RAW files which, of course, are not sharpened.

When is the best time to sharpen a RAW image?  Before I turn it over to Portrait Professional?  After it comes back to Photoshop?  Or not at all?

RE: When to Sharpen a RAW file - admin - 03-08-2011

I think when you sharpen is doesn't make a huge difference. However, it makes sense to do the common RAW manipulations before going into Portrait Professional, so you are working with the right brightness etc, and sharpening is usually part of that process. Any artistic manipulations (especially black and white), are best done after portrait professional, as Portrait Professional assumes a realistic looking color image, and the further away from a realistic image you go, the more it might struggle to do its job.