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Brand new user here - - richt1 - 02-19-2011

- and I have this initial question:

Is there any way, once having processed a photo using Studio, to re-open the same processed photo via the plug-in capability in CS5 AND go DIRECTLY to some of the features of the Studio program bypassing entirely the initial eyes, nose, mouth process.

In other words, I don't want to re-process the entire photograph, having already done it once. I only want to go directly to one FEATURE of the program and use only IT to my liking and resave?



RE: Brand new user here - - gerund - 02-19-2011

You can accomplish this by using the save session menu in pp. This will reopen the completed pp file just as you left it.

RE: Brand new user here - - williamting - 06-01-2013

Hi Cathy, welcome to this forum.