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Makeup retouching - djinoz - 02-16-2011


It would be GREAT if Portrait Pro could also allow us to do some makeup retouching e.g. darkening blush, lipstick etc.


David Jacobs

RE: Makeup retouching - Grantster - 04-11-2011

I'd like to second this idea, the tint just isn't enough for me and I'd like to maybe pop just the blush on some pics. This would be a brush usage and what would be REALLY nice is if the brush was presure sensitive from my Wacom tablet. Until then I'll use PS5.

RE: Makeup retouching - bunistabay - 04-12-2011

The ability to add mascara or extra lashes would be helpful.  I vote make-up.

RE: Makeup retouching - jstevensphoto - 04-17-2011

I agree makeup retouching would be a nice addition.   I photograph teenagers occasionally, some of whom seem to have limited experience applying makeup in a tasteful, flattering way. Rolleyes  There is really no time to have them redo their makeup at the shoot.  

RE: Makeup retouching - Old School - 12-18-2011

A lipstick brush would be great, accompanied by an eyedropper to match the color of the existing lipstick. I seem to get quite a few ladies who've missed a spot on their lips. Also something to even out the gloss (or add it) would be fantastic.

RE: Makeup retouching - williamting - 12-19-2011

Have a look at http://www.perfect365.com/. I think this software can do pretty well what was asked here.

However, as suggested here, I hope PP11 has improved lips retouching, creamy skin tone/colour adjustment, greatly improved eye controls.