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PP 9 standard VS PP9 Studio version - coolm - 09-04-2010

Dear all,

I would like to buy PP 9 either in standard version or Studio version. Now, I have a question regarding "Batch dialog to speed workflow" of Studio Version.

1) Could anyone tell me more detail in this function or any like or demo?
2) In future, If I upgrade my PC to 64, may i still use the Studio verson?
3) How to use the PP 9 with lightroom together ?

Thank you very much.

RE: PP 9 standard VS PP9 Studio version - Roscoe - 09-04-2010

Just yesterday I changed from XP Pro SP3 32-bit to Windows 7 64-bit and Portrait Professional was working fine on XP and is working fine on Windows 7. I don't have the Studio version, just the standard but I expect Studio will work on 64-bit O/S for you.

There is nothing in the Help file about using PP with Lightroom so I'll leave it for Anthropics Technology to answer your question.

RE: PP 9 standard VS PP9 Studio version - admin - 09-06-2010

1) The batch dialog is to avoid having to repeatedly open and save files, you choose a bunch of pictures all in one go and it lets you go through them one at a time without having to use the file menu. There is a demo of PP Studio on Portrait Professional Studio, so you can give it a try.

2) Yes

3) I thin you need see this: Using Portrait Professional as a lightroom plugin.

Hope that helps!