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Wish lists - carlobc - 08-27-2019

Hi there,

I've been using this app for some time now. It really helps me a lot in regards with time and effort.
I just like this app! I'll continue to use this.

This is just a wish list in Portrait pro.

1. Perfecting the skin retouching -
   a. have a control for smooth and even tones for skin that un even tones like sun burns, birth marks on the faces, et al.
   b. adding texture on skin hopefully that  looks natural.

2. Merge Portrait pro with body Pro easier. No need to create another file for each application

3. Include warp control in smiles or mouth

4. Hair - patching up hairs on vacant spots of the head. like duplicate or clone

Thank you!

RE: Wish lists - Franklin - 09-20-2019

I especially like #4 Carl, being able to clone in some hair here and there, would help in some background replacement work

RE: Wish lists - williamting - 11-09-2019

#4 is indeed a good idea!

I like to add #5:

5. Recolour white hair to black or another colour. I found that it is always a huge challenge to change the colour of white hair.