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Green Skin Color - Autumns Boy - 07-23-2019

I have used PortraitPro for awhile without too many issues, however recently I am having major issues with the skin color and lighting.  I have been using a Nikon D750 with a Tamron 35-150 mm lens.  I access PortraitPro 18 Studio via Photoshop.  For a recent shoot I am getting green skin color unless I turn off the skin color and lighting.  My model has very light colored skin with red hair, red sunglasses, and red outfit.  For some reason I am getting very ugly green skin color when the skin color and lighting section is active.

What is causing this?  How can I correct?

RE: Green Skin Color - ErikaAnthropics - 10-11-2019

Have you tried going to Skin Lighting & Coloring > Skin Color and changing the option under the drop-down menu?

RE: Green Skin Color - shanesilva - 12-06-2019

Thank you Erika
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