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Hair When Masking - Shonabby - 07-08-2019

Hi. When I am creating a background mask and inserting a new background, I often find myself doing a dance between Background, Foreground, Smart Background, Smart Foreground. The smaller, finer groups of hair, or the areas where a little bit of the background is bleeding through along the edges, often doesn't look natural. I shoot outdoors frequently, so sometimes hair is blowing a little bit. My original backgrounds might be buildings, or trees, things I cannot avoid. Are there tutorials or similar to help with this issue? Thanks!

Hair When Masking - KamTirl - 08-02-2019

I voted for "when wet" because there wasnt an option that fit me perfectly. What I do it wait for my hair to air dry until it is "just a bit damp" - then I oil it.