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Imports Come In A Bit Too Red - JustBobF - 01-08-2018


I have noticed that the images I open in Portrait Pro come in looking a bit different than they should…more saturated and a bit too red. They look nice; but, not how the images appear in Capture One, Photoshop, or even in the Finder.

I bought and downloaded Portrait Pro Studio because the web site said the program would utilize the monitor's color profile. I was hoping this would take care of the issue.

It doesn't matter if I just open a JPEG or if I open a file from within Capture One.

I read someplace where this is an issue in some situations. Any ideas? I can send more information on my set up…just ask.

I am using an iMac, Capture One, and Portrait Pro Studio—all the latest versions.

RE: Imports Come In A Bit Too Red - Ron - 01-11-2018

I too am getting the red images when brought into PPv17. I tried disabling color management in PP preferences--no luck.
I am working on a color-calibrated monitor and adobe rgb color space in photoshop CS6.
I also tried activating adobe rgb in the PP preferences--no luck.
This is very frustrating as I did not have this problem in the previous PP version.

It appears to be a software issue which I hope can be fixed very soon.