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Retouch Query - LJones - 12-29-2017

Awhile ago I was over on the PortraitPro Facebook page looking for help and the Admin suggested I come here to ask.

I have a photo of myself that I would love to use for my online properties (blog and social media profiles).  But it needs some tweaking (a few things removed, facial shine eliminated, background changed).

I know I could/should have a new photo taken for this but honestly ... I tend to hate most photos of myself and this is one I absolutely love. 

Is there anyone here interested in taking on the challenge of fixing this for me?  I am willing to pay. 

Thank you!

RE: Retouch Query - williamting - 01-05-2018

How about you post the full resolution image on some share drive. When someone is more free or feel being challenged, who know, he/she may spare you a few minutes to try it out!

RE: Retouch Query - LJones - 01-05-2018

Thanks for your reply! I appreciate it.

I'm on a time crunch for this though. So I'm checking into other options at this point.