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white screen interface? - mp0510 - 04-09-2017

Many times, I open a photo and start aligning the points, and after moving one point, when I go to move the next point, the interface turns white and I have to wait for it to turn back to visible before I can move the next point. so, what is normally a 2 minute procedure takes over 10 minutes.

Any thoughts?  Does anyone else experience this?

RE: white screen interface? - ErikaAnthropics - 04-10-2017

I would advise contacting the support team as they will be able to help you better: https://goo.gl/4tJ7yh

RE: white screen interface? - Franklin - 04-22-2017

One possible work-around is to discard the portrait pro pre-selected outlines.

Wait until portrait pro has processed outlines for a new face then select 'new face' male/female etc. and manually put the points on the eyes, mouth etc. When done, Portrait Pro will ask if you want to discard the now overlapped selection. Do so.

It has then been my experience that now when aligning points, the program responds with much less hesitation. Your mileage may vary.