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posting photos - Wally - 12-28-2016

Ok I seem to be lost in how to add images to a post, any ideas?

RE: posting photos - Franklin - 12-29-2016

Can always use dropbox and post a link

RE: posting photos - Wally - 12-30-2016

Can anyone out there direct me to what the image size and res. are needed to post photos here?

RE: posting photos - Franklin - 01-01-2017

I'm not in charge here, but not a problem using Dropbox - 2 gigs free storage and easy to use and share photos. Here's a link to a hair color change photo I did and made into a gif, put on dropbox and then shared the link


RE: posting photos - Wally - 01-01-2017

Nicely done Franklin, I have tried to change hair color but seems to look muddy.
I'll have to keep working on that.

RE: posting photos - Franklin - 01-02-2017

A matter of persistence for me Wally - I keep playing around with brush size and detector size and make sure I extend and cut back where needed. Occasionally I run into trouble areas where the hair loses highlights/shadows in original.