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"Recent" Projects Panel - roth - 12-16-2016

I keep the "Recent" panel collapsed, but I would prefer to disable that feature entirely.

Is there a way to disable the "Recent" capability?

If not, is there a way to remove items from it. I've tried right-clicking on the thumbnails in that panel, but this doesn't seem to give me the option to remove items.

Thanks in advance for your help.

RE: "Recent" Projects Panel - ErikaAnthropics - 12-20-2016


At the moment there is no way to clear Recent Projects, but if you click on this banner it should minimize all previous files.

RE: "Recent" Projects Panel - roth - 12-21-2016

Thank you.

I hope they add this feature in a later update. It's annoying to have that window continue to be cluttered with thumbnails of projects I've long since finished with. On top of that, I routinely save my work to one or more external hard drives, so as a practical matter, clicking on the thumbnail does not automatically give me quick access to the file in question.

Anyway, thanks again.

RE: "Recent" Projects Panel - DutchAussie - 02-21-2017

Great program.
I have the same problem deleting recent files.
Developers, are you looking at this forum?