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Continual license request (Arrrgghhh) - AdamLaws - 07-01-2015

Every few weeks PortraitPro Studio requests my activation license again, which subsequently it states has already been used.

I only have the product registered on my laptop (Windows Surface Pro 3 running windows 8.1), not multiple devices. Nor have I changed the hardware in any shape or form.

This has occured on three occasions and is really slowing down my workflow. On each occasion I raise a support ticket and am issued with a new license for the issue to reoccur two/three weeks later.

Frustrated is somewhat of an understatement. Can anyone provide any solutions? I have raised another ticket yet I fear I will get a new license (Again) and for the issue to happen (Again).

On my last install I even turned of the programs automatic updates and created a keyfile but that didn't solve the issue.

Any comments/feedback is much appreciated. I work at the BBC opposite their UK building in White City so am now very tempted to start knocking on their door.

RE: Continual license request (Arrrgghhh) - tebogan - 07-02-2015

Submit a support ticket by following this link:


Someone in the support staff will be able to assist.